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"The Environmental Sciences Independent Peer Review Institute is a long overdue service that has been needed for two decades."

"Determining the legitimacy of scientific claims, whether as primary or contributing justifications for the entire range of environmental public policies or programs, in order to evaluate or compare them is desperately needed.  The significant impacts of poorly done or improperly cited “science” has made a rigorous, understandable, and reliable analysis of “scientific” claims absolutely necessary for both the general public and the political leaders that they elect.  The successful use of poor or false “science” merely encourages more such use and greater stakes as the falsehoods and sloppy work is rewarded.  Your approach would appear to fill that need to sort the wheat from such chaff admirably."

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The Environmental Sciences Independent Peer Review Institute (ESIPRI) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization filling an identified environmental science peer review void by providing fully independent, rigorous peer review of scientific studies, articles, syntheses, and assessments that can be used by all levels of government in support of environmental protection legislation and other forms of environmental public policy. 

ESIPRI works diligently to protect and restore the integrity of the sciences through our practice of open access, providing services to elected officials, agencies, organizations, businesses, attorneys, and individuals.

Our reviewers are selected from among the most experienced and dedicated people in their fields of expertise.  They are regularly published in the professional literature, and are also highly experienced in providing objective peer review of others' work.

ESIPRI's reviews, once released to their requesters, are made available to the public for use in public policy work and to expand the the science knowledge base.

Please feel free to spend some time with us today, and to get in touch with us if you have questions, comments, or suggestions. 

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