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"Here in Vermont we have an organization, the State Association of Assessors, that presents a state wide view to our legislators on a monthly basis.  The role of this organization is growing but does not yet engage the scientific support you offer with ESIPRI.  There in certainly a place for another organization like yours who can present  an independent and credible view."

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The Environmental Sciences Independent Peer Review Institute (ESIPRI) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation that was formally registered in 2009.  Headquartered in Port Townsend, Washington, ESIPRI's executive director conducts the organization's day-to-day business with the guidance of a six-member board of directors.

ESIPRI is composed of four primary work centers:

  • Referee panel
  • Review teams
  • Administration
  • Financial

Reviews are generally conducted by three to five senior scientists with expertise in the subject areas of the science being reviewed in a project assignment.

Reviews can be requested by elected officials, government agencies, businesses, organizations, individuals, and attorneys.  Once revews are completed and delivered to the requesters, the author(s), and others as designated by agreement, they are made publicly available through ESIPRI's resources.

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