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ESIPRI is currently accepting requests for our peer review services.  We will evaluate and prioritize your request according to our capacity to provide reviews and other services.

Please be aware that ESIPRI does not take a position on whether a particular policy is appropriate or not.  We review science used in support of or as justification for policy development, not the policy itself.  While we will determine whether the science being used is adequate to the purpose it is used to inform, we do not make policy recommendations.

Please use this form is for you to provide us with information about your organization and the issues/science that are of concern to you.  The details you provide will be used solely by ESIPRI in connection with our projects, and will not be shared with any outside organization.

Fill in the form as completely as possible, to inform us about the issues you are working with and the studies being used in support of the activities of concern to you.

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Type of Process:

If Other, Please Describe:

For instance, in both the Klamath Basin (2001) and the San Joaquin Valley (2009-2012) irrigation water deliveries were severely curtailed as a result of ESA listings for fish species.

Situation Overview:

Please provide an overview of the situation in sufficient detail to familiarize us about the "who, what, when, where" aspects of the issues you are working with.  Information including the geographic area covered, the ecosystem types present, government agencies and NGOs involved, whether this is a new policy process or an update of an existing policy, anticipated and desired outcomes, are all of interest to us.  This provides context and helps us determine what aspects of the science are driving the development of the policy.


Please provide the timelines and milestones for this process or action.  Include process start date (as closely as possible), anticipated public comment period times, public hearings, anticipated adoption dates, etc.  If litigation is included, please provide known hearing dates.  This provides us with information we will need in planning our review process.

Areas of Concern:

Please provide information on the areas of concern to you in this process.  What restrictions are in place or expected when the process is completed?  What are the anticipated benefits and stated goals?  What is your perception of the quality of information being used to justify any anticipated restrictions? This information provides us with an understanding of your position, and may provide indicators of things to look for in the science.

Key Studies / Syntheses / Assessments:

Please list the key studies and syntheses (documents summarizing groups of studies) being used in support of this process.  (Bibliography details)  If these are available online, please also provide links to locations where they can be downloaded.  These are the studies the policy or action is most dependent upon for justification.

Additional Studies / Syntheses / Assessments:

Please list the remaining studies being used in support of this process.  (Copy and paste of references may be the easiest way to provide this information.)

Additional Information, Comments and Questions:

Please share any additional information, comments and questions that you may have concerning the issue(s) you are working with.

Primary Service Requested:
How May We Assist You?

We've asked you to provide a significant amount of information to assist us in evaluating your situation, and we appreciate everything you are able to provide.  Now we would like to ask that you let us know how we may be able to assist you in the near term and through this process.  While we have a range of capabilities and resources, your input at this point may help focus our work more effectively.

Additional Information and Documents

Please click here to open an email composition window to send us a message with any additional information that would be helpful to us.  Please also use this message to attach any documents, including locally authored studies and syntheses that will help us be better informed about the full particulars of the issue(s) you are working with.  Let us know what issue(s) the documents are supporting in the message subject line.  (Feel free to attach up to 25 MB in files per message.  Use the link above to open additional composition windows as needed.)




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